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Ever been to that party where a drink gets spilt on your camera or that bottle of water spills in your back pack with your camera in it?
You will need to get the equipment into a repair Centre urgently. Delays could cause the equipment to be rendered uneconomical to repair.
Damage we have seen:   
A camera accidentally dropped in to a pavlova.
While on holidays a customer was going out for the day so he thought he would hide the camera in the washing machine with the dirty laundry just in case someone broke in. His wife came back from her shopping trip and did a load of washing – it was a very clean camera.
Soy sauce damaged – a customer using the Lazy Susan rotating table top at a Chinese Restaurant spun it a bit too fast and the camera ended up coated in soy sauce.
Camera stolen; In the mouth of the faithful dog, slobbered on and chewed to bits.  
       Corrosion on the screws              Corrosion under the front cover   

    Corrosion on a circuit board

Corroded units. Even a small amount of corrosion on a main board the board will have to be replaced
This is an expensive repair.
Important: There is no guarantee on any repairs carried out on liquid damaged equipment.